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Dead Hearts Project

In 2011, Artistic Director, Joei Waldron choreographed Dead Hearts in response to the growing epidemic of bullying. In researching for the dance Waldron learned the horrible affects bullying has on its victims. Dead Hearts opened at the Howard Burbeck Theater on February 4, 2011 to critical acclaim and his since been performed throughout San Diego, the Miles Memorial Playhouse, Santa Monica CA and the Sala Cuartra Pared Theatre in Madrid, Spain.

The Dead Hearts Project was created to continue the fight against senseless bullying. The projects mission is to create relationships through dance with schools while simultaneously bringing to light the ill effects of bullying. Through discussions, classes and dance the Dead Hearts Project will give young people an outlet to express themselves while also providing a medium for young people to talk with professional dancers, choreographers and special guests about either being bullied or ways to stop bullying.

For more information, to book AXXIOM to perform Dead Hearts with a discussion or to make a donation to the Dead Hearts Project please contact Artistic Director, Joei Waldron at 619-755-8064 or email “Celebrate our differences” – Joei Waldron

What they are saying…

Two pieces in particular stand out in my mind. The first, “Dead Hearts”, depicted the devastating effects of bullying. The dancers in this piece came with so much emotion, and really told the story with both their bodies and their faces. The intensity was almost too much to handle as they threw themselves into the dance, exposing the deepest waters of a broken soul. Their lines of technique were flawless, their floor patterns made perfect sense, and they moved in and out and though one another with strong energy and purpose”. – Ruth Sherlock
“They did a heart-rending piece on the subject of bullying. I wish my church youth group could have seen it…brilliant and deeply moving. Made me cry”. – Bill Murray